Our Story

PHATOPHY, located in Lyon, France is an independent extensive service Contract Research and Development Organization (CRO) providing support to the Animal Health and Human Health, to Medical Devices and to Nutrition Industry.

Phatophy was founded in 1981 by M. Jacques GOUTALIER and other scientists to answer the increased requirements of Pharmaceutical Industry and Authorities to obtain or renew pharmaceutical and biological product approvals.

Our regulatory affairs and project management experts will support your product characteristics and development stages through guidelines and complex requirements to produce all data and studies, complete all parts of your dossier and get a fast and efficient approval and market access.

Our expertise today include biopharmaceutical analyses, multisite preclinical studies, veterinary clinical studies and of course regulatory affairs writing and expertise. Our experienced team is multidisciplinary and able to support you in all stages of your product project development, lifecycle management including product quality control.